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We specialize in gambling and gaming support services. We offer tailored education workshops for teachers, health professionals, and anyone wanting to learn more about gambling, gaming, and hybrid play. We engage in culturally informed public awareness campaigns as well as partner with community agencies to support health, and wellness related initiatives, and projects. We also offer support groups for families, parents, youth, and seniors with regards to gaming and gambling. In addition, we also provide personalized outreach support, and counselling services for gambling-related concerns. Counselling for gaming-related issues is fee-for-service.

Workshops and Awareness
Support Groups

Needing reconnection, and support in dealing with the complications of having someone you love struggle with a gaming/gambling/internet gaming issue? Are you struggling yourself and feels no one gets it, or understands your struggle? Contact us for more information. We have a support group for you.

Image by Alexander Dummer

Parents & Families

Has the over-use of tech and gaming become a regret in your household? Could you use a safe and supportive environment to work through some of the complicated issues, conflict, and addictive behaviours you’re all facing? Contact us for more information. We have a support group for you.


Youth & Young Adults

Has gaming overtaken your life? Are you playing to reach the next level, be the best, or simply don’t care anymore but can’t pull away? Use gaming in a non-recreational way can sneak into our lives without even noticing it. If you’d like some support to reset, regroup, and refocus, contact us for more information. We have a support group for you.


Seniors & Elders

Are you playing more online games online than you expected? Are you concerned that you or someone you love’s gambling has become more prominent in the retirement years? Are you paying to eliminate ads, bypass gaming timelines and collect more coins in hybrid online games? Need a safe place to talk about it? Contact us for more information. We have a support group for you.


Need help to re-organize your thoughts? Our outreach team provides individually tailored supports and resources based on your unique needs. Let’s connect in-person, over the phone, by text or email to see how I can best support you.

Contact us for more information.


Do you want to re-evaluate the way gambling or gaming play a role in your life? Our counselling team works collaboratively and holistically with you as an individual, a couple, and/or as a family.

Contact us for more information.

Indigenous Services

Is it time to reassess the role the casino, slots, bingo and/or lotteries is playing in your life? Our Indigenous team is dedicated to offering shame-free and blame-free spaces, lunch and learns, booths and workshops to any indigenous community open to the conversation.


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